Usage   Hospital
Floor area   476.95m²
Location   Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Date   2. 2020
Scope   Space / Branding

이오스안과는 기존의 깨끗하고 차가운 안과들의 이미지와는 다른 감각적이고 경험할 수 있는 즐거움이 있는 공간입니다. 실제 수술이 이루어지는 19층을 카페와 감성적인 무드를 통해 안정감과 회복을 줄 수 있는 공간으로 발전시킵니다. 더불어 리브랜딩을 통해 기존의 EOS의 의미를 벗어나 새로운 의미를 담아냅니다. 보다 감성적이며 스토리텔링이 가능한 네이밍으로 리디자인하며 공간이 지니는 특별함을 나타냅니다. Typeplay요소는 Pattern, Identity로서 재미있는 발상으로 발전합니다.

EOS ophthalmology is a space with sensuous and experienceable pleasure that is different from the images of clean and cold ophthalmology. The 19th floor, where the actual surgery takes place, will be developed into a space that can provide stability and recovery through cafes and emotional moods. In addition, through rebranding, new meanings are incorporated beyond the existing EOS. It is redesigned with a more emotional and storytellingable name, indicating the speciality of the space. Typeplay elements develop into interesting ideas as Pattern and Identity.

Client   EOS
Design Team   DESIGN5
Construction   DESIGN5
Branding   DESIGN5
Kim jinyoung

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DESIGN5: Capturing Cultures and Stories through Space

A space that is both sensitive and well-balanced transcends being just a physical place, playing a crucial role in enhancing the quality of life. Such spaces, through design, enrich and add value to people’s everyday experiences. This is where the role of DESIGN5 begins.

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